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Conversation Between SuXrys and Saracin

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  1. Oh wait... I just re-read what you wrote before... Seems like both Sket Dance and Gintama had parody episodes... (?). Aah aaah... I need to go to bed now. Good night!
  2. Ahaaa.. I thought you meant that they did a Gintama parody in one of the Sket Dance episodes. :P oh well... ~
  3. Actually I mentioned that episode in my last post, but maybe I wasn't clear since I called it episode 26 of this season and not the actual number it would be in regards to the whole series lol
  4. Actually, The sket dance characters appeared in one of the gintama episodes. xD Ooh... if you like sket dance then you must see that one! I know anyway that I definitely will watch that episode that you spoked off.

    The gintama episode I am talking about is 227.
  5. Well not sure how similar, but they did cross over chapters to celebrate Sket Dan getting an anime and they pointed out the similarities to each other. They even made fun of the fact that Gin and Switch share the same voice actor. If you want to see the episode its number 26 entitled Spirit Dance. The Gintama side of the crossover is also episode 26 of the current season of Gintama entitled "Speaking of crossovers, don't forget about Alien vs. Predator. Personally I thought the Sket Dan one was funnier, but I'll leave that up to you
  6. So it's similar to Gintama? The humor aswell?
  7. Yeah, the first episode of Sket Dan isn't a sign of the whole series. In a sense its like the oneshot that started things and everything goes pretty weird after. Its just sometimes they do chapters (episodes) that are more about helping someone than just comedy. They are few, but much better than the first episode.
  8. Hi! Long time no see! Im just fine, came home not too long ago so I havn't "relaxed" just yet. Are still pretty hyper so I am thinking about going out for a walk or something like that. What have you been up to?

    I actually glanced at the first episode of it, but it didn't looked so good - but maybe it's just a little slow in the beginning?
  9. Hey there, how are you doing? Btw, not sure if you've ever checked it out, but if you like Gintama, make sure you watch/read Sket Dance. The creator was an assistant on Gintama and Sket Dance is just as random and hilarious.
  10. Ah I'll see. I have to check that out.

    Do you know similar games like mass effect that you feel you could recommend to me?
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