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Conversation Between Brewmaster and Kaitou+

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  1. Oh damn talking about slug makes me all edgy... damn you! :P
  2. KoF is a fighter so yeah..Metal Slug, damn...I love that series so much. xd
  3. I looked for some pics on google. I totally remember playing it at my friends place long time ago. Can't remember much tho slug was way more addictive I assume lol
  4. It's a Neo Geo as well..
  5. Hmmm sounds very familiar but I have forgoten it so it seems. Where is it played?
  6. Tell me about it.

    What about King of Fighters?
  7. That sucks lol.
    My friend has it on his PC so I often visit him for a round of slug I don't dare getting it on my PC if I do I'll never manage to stop playing the damn addictive thing! >_<
  8. Same here.

    I have the Wii version now but idiots didn't enable ClassicController, so I can't use my Arcade stick now. >_>
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