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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Dizzy

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  1. Hello old friend i miss you ^_^
  2. Help please Mr.Kaitou thier this big ugly Dino on my page and it follows me everywhere I go on here wth is it o.O
  3. Aww that cool still taking pictures i see better than mines lol
  4. Hi hi! Oh it was a ton of fun. This was actually my third trip there, I spent November '09 in Tokyo, and this was just a two week trip. It was a lot of fun, I think I visited every city south of Tokyo. My profile photo here is from Miyajima island, where we spent the night. I plan on going back to japan sometime soon again!
  5. Hi Mr.Kaitou Ace why didnt you tell me you were in japan WHAAAA! ;____;
    j/k i hoped you enjoyed your stay how was it?
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