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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and RyuTama

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  1. Heyyo Ace, why doesn't the inbox extension from the AF shop work? Dark Butterfly and I have purchased it but we still can't have more than 500 total messages.
  2. Thanks for the wishes ^_^
  3. Jaja, Happy Birthday Ace! =D Hope you had a nice holiday, and Happy New Year. ^^
  4. They should all be approved now, but that may happen until he hits 15 posts
  5. Hey Ace. ^^ A friend of mine, Capricorn, says that about half of his posts haven't been approved. He says he even tried creating an introduction thread but it's been around 24 since he submitted it. Can you tell me where to go for that kinda thing? I never had any problems with it but maybe it's just his browser or something maybe? o_o

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