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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Jewunit

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  1. Heya Kaitou. Just wanted to thank you for all the anime recommendations you've given me lately. Hope everything's going well with the site. Peace.
  2. I see. Well thank you for your help.
  3. Ah, I wasn't the one who banned you O_o; and that ban was only until midnight (EST), not an actual forum ban, I believe what happened was you were asked to change your name by one of the chat admins, kicked once, asked again and then banned. The main reason was more of an indirect one, where the name is a bit similar to some of those used by people who've been causing problems in the past. As it appears you aren't one of the people causing issues of late, you can use the name.
  4. I would like you to "un-ban" me from chat. I assume you banned me.... Anyway, the obviousness of the fact that Jewunit isn't "racist" or whatever is, well, obvious. Anyway I enjoy using the chat feature, and getting an IP banned for having a username like, "Jewunit" is seriously stupid.... I use it on all my other forums, like Anyway, this isn't prejudicial or whatever...

    If it was you who banned me, I would of changed my username, had you identified yourself as "staff", even though you were wrong in doing so, i respect "staff" decisions. The fact that this is the first forum that uses "username glow" or whatever throws me off when trying to figure out who may be who....
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