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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Ghost

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  1. Happy birthday Ace Have a good one and be Awesome as always
  2. Ace i can't get back on the chat idk why xD
  3. sir I been on your site as a guest for 7 years since middel school and now going for another year I know u dont care or think I am telling the truth but I am so what I am saying is its time to hang up my coat and all due respect this was one cool site and I hope ppl remember me as a cool fun person and the reason I am leaving is my heart I will have surgey in 2 days so wish me luck I will be gone so plz retire my name plz and I will be on my site when I feel better so I hope I see u again so bye. From Simon "Ghost" Riley. Ghost is out.
  4. Hey when u are on plz we need to talk ok
  5. Hey Boss whats going on i can't go on Chat
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