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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and The Rebel

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  1. Can do boss, lol. I always try to be friendly and help our new members, but then I'm also honest and admit if I don't know something so I'll point them in the right direction.
  2. Heh thanks, and yup, thats still me, the staff bubbles don't show up on the profile pages. Glad to hear you're helping some of our newbies out ^_^ feel free to point them at me if they are having any trouble with others.
  3. So, are you still the top admin here or what? When I looked at your profile I didn't see a admin thingy on it. And I figured I should refresh my memory of who's who on here since I have been tryin to help a few of the new members get aclimated to AF. Which we all know includes helping them with problems related to other members. And it helps to know who's in the top ranks. Plus, you've always been a big help whenever I needed it, and so consider you one of the best of AF.
  4. 'course O_o;
  5. Hey, just curious if you are still on here or what?
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