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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and blueangel06661

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  1. Thank you!!! Finally the notification went away... I like notifications... :[ Just not when they lie to me.. xD Thanks a ton!
  2. Ah, gotcha. This ought to fix it then.
  3. No, It's still there.. It's the one Below the one you first replied... The one going on about what they got for christmas.. I don't see where it says I can approve it or not.. It was just that one post.. ;__; I guess I'll delete it?
  4. Thanks ^_^ Merry Christmas
    And normally there's a check-box to the right of the VM, where you can select it and approve or reject it. Or you can delete it. I just looked at your profile and I couldn't spot it, is it already gone?
  5. Merry christmas!!!

    and btw.. lol.. Someone left me a VM.. But in the notifications at the top it says I have an unapproved VM.. and it won't go away.. and the actual VM says it's being moderated.. What's up with that?? how do i get this notification to go away??


    Didn't think it was worthy of a thread.
  6. Well sorry if you don't. I think you have made some poor choices in selecting. Either selecting friends or whatnot not by their ability to actually do the job. That's my opinion and I'm able to have it. They sometimes think the same about us. What's the big deal. Oh that's right. This is AF and everyone hates you if you have an opinion and you're not a good little teddy bear. Just brainwash everyone into thinking your staff is the ultimate perfect. As they can't think anything else but.
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