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Conversation Between blueangel06661 and Anime Forum

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  1. Your favorite member is back
  2. We don't delete accounts and I'm not going to issue a ban without reason.

    You can, however view this thread and follow the steps to lock yourself out permanently if you so wish.
  3. Also, please delete my message when you get this because it has my PSN and also is a private matter between me and admins. I wanted to PM you it, but couldn't.
  4. I was going to PM that, but for some reason it said I couldn't.
  5. Don't use that kawaii girl against me!
  6. I'm going to shoutout AF everyday from now on.

    In return, tell me I'm a good boy!
  7. Anything that involves my name, my material and calling me a troll for my post involves me.
  8. I do not believe that this is any of your business this is private matter to which you have no business being in (or coming into my wall about).
  9. @ Conversation with Kaitou about your review.

    May you please grow up? Nobody is dissing you and Kaitou is 100% right. I cannot believe you used my Lucky Star review as reference to defend your review this time around. If it was bad, you're supposed to tell me.

    I might have been painted as the AF bad guy, but this is more evidence that supports the fact that you can't take criticism.

    Cannot believe Kaitou's post made you mad.
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