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Conversation Between blueangel06661 and NoeLCooL45

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  1. Ok, will see how.
  2. Hi there! I've noticed you're newly joined and are active in our signature and avatars section so I'd like your feedback on a new project we're trying to do for the gfx section

    We're going to try to have GFX lessons/classes starting on beginner level with the basics.
    Of course this is for everyone but what better to start then at beginner level right?

    Since this is geared more towards newer members I'd like your input on it and would like to know anything you'd like to learn/brush up on. If you cant explain it, just post an example of something you've seen around and maybe we can incorporate it into these lessons or in a future lesson if this month goes well.

    Any feedback at all would be appreciated. ^___^
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