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Conversation Between blueangel06661 and Road

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  1. Well what don't you get so I can help you ^_^'

    where are you stuck at (if you tell me it'll also help me get a better idea of what to go over during the classes) ^_^
  2. That tut put me up against a wall and slapped me xD I had to look up a lot of things i didn't understand. =P

    Makes me look forward to the classes in May. I really wanna get better. =]
  3. Thank you so much! Of course is sounds ok xD
  4. Sure! I want you to do something for me.

    I want you to go to deviant art and find some good C4D's, sorta like in this tutorial as well as some nice vectors.

    and then try that tutorial for me.

    When you're done post your results here-

    *as a last resort and you don't find a good vector, try this

    But I want you to go out and find things needed for that tutorial and try it. If you're stuck on something just ask the guy who created it and I'm sure he'll be glad to help you ^_^

    Does that sound ok to you?
  5. I was wondering. Since there are rarely sig requests as of late. I want to keep practicing and getting better. Yet i am having a hard time figuring out what to do. Would it be completely inapropriate if i asked for you to assign me homework or something like it to help me improve? XD
  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE IDEA OF CLASSES!!!! If I could be taught by any of the more experienced gfxers (including you) I would be eternally grateful!
  7. Hey road ^_^ lol thanks for the hug <3

    Anyhow I'd like your opinion on a new thing I backed up by fellow mods are going to try to do.
    We're going to try to have GFX lessons/classes starting with beginner.
    Of course this is for everyone but what better to start then at beginner level right?

    Since this is geared more towards newer members I'd like your input on it and would like to know anything you'd like to learn. If you cant explain it, just post an example of something you've seen around and maybe we can incorporate it into these lessons or in a future lesson if this month goes well.

    Any feedback at all would be appreciated. ^___^
  8. *hugs*
  9. Sorry for all my Gallieries mishaps haha, I may ask you for lots o help to get back on my game in the world of graphics xD
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