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Conversation Between GrimStride™ and Nesh

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  1. I sometinmes have short memories 2.
    Taht's why I always write things down in my notebook, so I could 4get- *which obvously makes my friend laugh at me ^^*
    I kow some steps now so, I'll think I'll be inproving in a while ^^
    haha well I don't think I'll be entering coz I'm still not so good at it...I don't want to be laugh at it!
  2. Ahhh now i remember . I even posted in your siggy thread . Curse my short memory . Anyway i saw you're making a lot of progress . There will be more competition in the future sotw contests
  3. yup
  4. That's cool . What are you working on ? Sigs ?
  5. yes Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

    well it's far more intresting than studying!
  6. Photoshop right?

    Same here . I should be studying for tomorrow but i kinda got distracted with af
  7. cool everythings fine...I got a little addicted to cs5 but eghh wut can ya do you noe!

    And you? Waht's new?
  8. So how's it going with you?
  9. Yeah it was really nice good work ;3
  10. And thank you for voting for my work . I m glad you liked it
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