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Conversation Between Albear and Nodoka LaMei

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  1. Thank ya~
    ('probably'? what do you mean, 'probably'?)
  2. Congrats on being probie. Well deserved.. probably.
  3. I know your young and probably prefer activity, so I'm surprised you are still around here. Its good because AF is slow lately.
    But I hope it gets more activity.
  4. Haha x)
    I've been good, though real life sux. School's been okay.
  5. The sky. And clouds. Birds. Probably some planes. In other words, nothing much.. lol.
    How have you been? School treating you right?
  6. Whats uuuuuuuup?
  7. It was awesome. I got like five different nail art packs.

    How was yours?
  8. Oh you Tumblr girls. Huhuhuhuh.
    So how was your holiday?
  9. Yolin... Nice.

    I should totally make that a thing on tumblr.
  10. What?! Oh you. Imma cat. So im YOLN.
    You only live nine. Yollin. Hirhirburjrjhrurhu.
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