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Conversation Between Hikarin and Jasanime

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  1. Oh and the scar, yeah that was a challenge! I actually used my partners hair wax to get a sort of raised texture. Then I dabbed on some deep red/burgundy lip gloss and sealed it and blended it in with pressed powder. I practised it quite a few times before so I figured out what worked and what didn't. I'm not so great with make-up so it was a good learning experience :-)
  2. I bought the whole cosplay online, but I had to alter it quite a bit. I also tried strapping my chest for the first time, so i had it a bit open, but I think in some shots my figure looks too feminine still...
    I bought a decent quality wig (for once) and also a replica sword, since I didn't wear it for a con, but just for photos. It was challenging trying to come up with 'manly' poses haha.

    I think I started Gilgamesh a few years ago but dropped it after the 1st few eps...
    This season I've really enjoyed 'Orange'. I look forward to watching the final few eps on my day off tomorrow!
    I'm re-watching Death Note too, forgot how damn good that series is!!
  3. (continued from below post)

    I never bothered making a foam sword (you aren't allowed even hard plastic into Supanova) because I knew that some knob was just going to break it on me in the first hour, or travelling there.

    I haven't actually watched any new anime recently, I've been so busy.
    My favourite of 2012 was Shinsekai Yori though, and for 2013 it was Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi.
    I've been rewatching old faves though, like .hack//Sign and a few I'd avoided before like Gilgamesh.

    I was so ready to give up on Gilgamesh after the first few episodes, but I thought I'd watch longer. Then curiosity struck me. Then I became hooked! Oh, the look that must have been on my face when that anime finished. xD

    How about you?
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't mind going to EB Expo one day either. =3

    Oh wow, what a coincidence! xD How did you go about the costume?
    I bought the hakama and tabi from a juudou store not far from where I live. That was fun learning how to get into that and wear it throughout the day. The tabi were black though, so I bleached them to a red colour and found similar looking thongs from a store.
    A friend's mother made the shirt for me, and she did a wonderful job. We found a near exact shade from Spotlight.
    My hair was already long and red, so I just spent a long time straightening it. I think that the hardest part was drawing on the scar.... because I was being very fussy.
    But the shirt is very open, isn't it? I just pretended Kenshin had been wounded or something. I was 15 at the time (I've just turned 25) so I was JUST able to convincingly strap my chest with bandages without anything showing. Gods, did it hurt after though.
  5. I'd like to to go to SMASH one day, it looks like fun! It's funny that you mentioned you did a Kenshin cosplay, because I literally just did a photo shoot of my Himura cosplay yesterday! He's such a great character, and I loved the Live-action films that came out recently. It was my first time doing a male character too, so that was interesting!

    I have made some of mine from scratch. It tends to be more expensive and also time consuming. I usually get my mum to help because she's much better at sewing. Butt he final result is always so satisfying!

    But Kenshin will be my last cosplay this year (probably) because of the trying to save thing...

    So what anime have you really enjoyed lately?
  6. Aw, cool. It sounds like that's well established, then.
    We have Supanova, SMASH and.... there was another one that I know of, but I can't remember the name. I've never been to it, because apparently it's very bad.
    I used to go to Supanova, but it's just too over-crowded these days and people are so rude there.

    I see that you cosplay.
    I haven't done so in years, but my first cosplay was Himura Kenshin. I then went at a later time as Megurine Luka. My photos are lost, though I still have to costumes somewhere. To cosplay again one day, would be something I'd enjoy when I have the time to invest. I think I'll make my own from scratch. =3

    Oh, nice! I'd love to go to Japan eventually.
    For now, I just indulge myself in Comiket spoils that I order in once a year. ^_^;

    I possibly have heard of that place.
  7. Yeah it's not bad here. We have 3 cons a year: Comiccon, Supanova and my fave, Avcon. I usually go to all 3 but giving Supanova a miss this year because I'm saving for a trip to Japan.
    I live pretty close to McLaren Vale, you may have heard of it.
    What about you? Do you go to many cons?
  8. Yeah, we really do have some decent vineyards here. =3
    I can't really say that I know much about SA. I've been as far as Fraser in QLD, but only as low as Canberra.

    Is there a good anime community in SA? Ever been to one of the Supanova Expos?
  9. Oooh some decent wine there! I'm in South Australia, not far from Adelaide :-)
  10. NSW, in the Hunter region.
    What about yourself?
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