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Conversation Between Nikushimi and thelegend117

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  1. I own a xbox 360....hopefully getting a new pc soon.....and swimming is fun.....and i was talking rude people in general....yea on anime sites you rarely come across someone rude
  2. Gaming? What consoles you own? ;o
    So you are outdoors person , Cool. ^^ I do swimming alot outside and my likes/dislikes ... I don't know. XD
    And you rarely can meet rude people on anime site I think unless you were talking rude people in general.
    What kind of rude people you dislike? ;o
  3. Oh i see....and I've been here for like a year or so....and that's good.....lets likes are gaming, anime, bike riding, hiking, anything outdoors pretty dislikes are slow internet, super hot weather, and rude about you?
  4. Well , I registered 2 years ago but only today started to use my account. So yes kinda new , You are new too or here for a while now?
    I'm good , Thanks : D Nice to meet you too , Tell me about yourself. ^^ (Hobbies , Likes/Dislikes or random facts etc.)
  5. Hi....I'm doing about yourself? Also nice too meet you....are you new to the forum?
  6. Hello , How are you? c:
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