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Conversation Between ~Travis and Moki-San

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  1. Tahnks for the advice, thing is when we try to do that it restricts us...oh well
    thanks again~
  2. To make a group, I just went to the Group page. There was a button that said 'create group,' or something like that.
    I currently do not know how to post a message though.
  3. Hi, we just joined your L fan club...HOW DO YOU MAKE GROUPS!!!
    We wanna make a group so bad and it says we can't...also, how do you post things and such in the groups, it has no comment box?
  4. hi-ya! hope you had a nice time~
    we'vr done a new blog and need all the suggestions we can get!
    go check it out~
  5. i like your new profile picture! ^_^
  6. sorry if you already knew that!
    we'll go now!
  7. by the way..if you want to edit your profile picture you go to the 'settings' button.
    it will come up with a screen and on the left hand side there will be sub-titles.
    under 'my profile' you can edit your pictures and such~
  8. hi! welcome to AF you were talking to me earlier about deathnote and Durarara!!
    heres the site for animefreak:
    if the link doesnt work then just copy this into your 'Http//' bar at the top.
    good luck!
    exept our friend request!
    ill tell you noe that the reason i say 'we' is becuase mt sis shares this account with me!
    and again welcome, we were only new a few days ago...its good~
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