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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. We play a lot of yugioh (which has lead to some amazing drunken rants) and we watch a small plethora of anime. I'm trying to get them into Jojo right now but their hatred for Dio makes them too angry to watch past episode one lmao. The two biggest things we watch would be My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, both of which have gotten very good and badass (though Jashin-Chan Dropkick has been my personal favorite of the year). I'm pretty damn hyped for next month though with part 5 of Jojo and A Certain Magical Index III, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the remake of The World Ends With You.

    Criminal Justice is cool, it's always seemed like a pretty fun field. I've considered school myself but I really don't need the debt and I live in a shit location for anything. So what sort of anime have you been watching?

    (Also if you have discord you should add me Zombiewolf2508#8007. Kaitou made me get one but I never use it lmao)
  2. Sounds rad enough. Drinking games centered around anime are always fun LOL. Do you guys hang out and watch/play anything in particular?

    I'm finishing up school atm, the first part of it at least. I fucked up for my first couple years being stupid and depressed so I had to start from scratch. But luckily I'm back on track, should have a Master's in Criminal Justice in a couple years, as well as something for a forensics focus by then too. I just got a new car, and will likely have another job by the end of the month, so that's pretty exciting. Aside from the boring adult stuff, occasional videogaems, anime, and parties with friends. I am dealing with some drama atm, but hopefully that all passes sooner rather than later so I can focus on the gud stuff. But yeah, naps have been a good part of my life lately lmao.
  3. All over the place lmao. Working, playing video games, and anime are most of what I've been doing. I actually know people irl now who watch anime so that's fun, we play guess the anime opening as a drinking game.

    So what about you? How was the nap?
  4. Because naps are best for rest.

    Bruh how you been?
  5. Why am I not surprised
  6. Sorry I was napping
  7. -presses f-
  8. It's nothing super fancy, just a new HP Pavilion. It has twice the RAM and hard drive space that my current laptop has though, plus a graphics card that isn't utter crap, so I'm excited. I was debating between that and a notebook, but the notebooks don't have an optical drive, so I decided to just pay the extra $20 for it. Getting a separate external disk drive seemed like too much trouble.
  9. I apparently didn't hit send lmao

    But yeah, I wonder how many they actually plan to keep. I wouldn't think too many, people seem to behave well enough for the most part and botspam hasn't been as quite as rampant recently.

    Also, what kind of pc are you getting?
  10. Well I'm sure it's just a prelim thing for right now. I dunno if everyone who applied will actually get assigned somewhere. And less will probably make it to full mod status. May the odds be ever in our favor, kukuku.

    I do remember GameGeeks being probie at one point. I know it didn't last long, but really, was it really that short of a term? xD
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