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Conversation Between Ciel202 and Ayume Tayu-chan

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  1. Yea i know what u mean the scenes between kanda and allen are extremly funny
  2. oh yeah that was an emotional scene . But for me I got the chills when he tried to save Suman and Tykki Killed him infront of him and when he Woke up at the asian branch without a hand and Bak Found him, and then Allen said he has no reason to live without his innocence .. he had those really empty eyes that I wanted to cry : (
    Also if we talk about funny scenes then the banters between Allen and Kanda are just hillarious- Especially the part after the big fight in Edo when there is dust all around them and Kanda almost cut Allen to half - My favorite part of the all show XD
  3. My fav part in the series was whan allen began to play the piano, it gave me chills all over!
  4. I really hope it will be in the April season and not October. I don't think I can wait a full year for this :/
    If you've seen the entire anime you should read the manga too depending on how much material they'll cover on the new season, but probably not till recent chapters where the real amazing plot is so you shouldn't miss it.
    If you still remember the show,what was your favorite part in the anime ?
  5. Ive read only like 6 or 7 chapters but the manga is really good too
    Oh and of course!! im very excited that there is season two
    I cant wait to finally watch it
  6. You understand my feelings :'( !!! Isn't it the best thing ever that it gets a continuation ? Are you reading the manga as well ?
  7. Yea i love every time i watch it i laugh like crazy and cry at the same time
  8. Ommmmmmgggg you have allen-chann on your profileee
    Love the pic you chose <3
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