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Conversation Between EJTranslations and Rei

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  1. If you don't mind, yes, I'd love to have the kanji for those. Thanks!
  2. Heyy bluepenguin, just saw you were gonna do stuff from sonido- do you want the kanji for that album? I typed them out a while ago, but never quite got around to doing the translits for them.
  3. It's all right. (: Cool, I'll probably submit it for the sake of completion and then make a note or something saying the lyrics aren't sung. xD (You're right though, unsung lyrics're pretty weird lol)
  4. Sorry for the late response to your message--I don't get notifications for visitor messages, so I often don't notice them. Anyway, despite the lack of vocals, I did translate Rinne because it's still a part of the story, but it's your call if you want to bother transliterating it or not. (I mean, I didn't, because why transliterate "lyrics" that aren't actually sung?)

    Also, thanks for pointing out the fact that the numbers/letters in the lyrics booklet link to a page with the lyrics on them! I didn't realize that, and it is really neat.
  5. Oh my god, this is so cool- I just realised the lyrics in the booklet for 'Rinne' ( led to the site with actual lyrics. xD (Slow, I know lol). Just wanted to share.

    EDIT: Also, there's no vocals for the song- do you still want to translate it?
  6. Heyyy bluepen, currently editing the translit for Ienakatta Kotonoha- even the people on the SH-utaou wiki can't make out what Ike is saying in the beginning, which I hear as 'What will the words...'. Just wanted to know what you make of it. Edit it if you see fit, 'kay?
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