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  1. I think we all wish they looked that way.
  2. I used to really be into MLP until I stopped watching it earlier this year. I just wish the MLP plushies sold in stores look more like the ponies.
  3. You're late to the party, but better late than never.
  4. Derpy has just become awesome. End.
  5. Omg what episodes of MLP is derpy hooves on? She looks o_o awesome.
  6. Why thank you. I'll check it out as soon as possible. Do you make banners as well? If not that's fine!
  7. I heard you make signatures, well sets rather. I'm in need of a new one. Is it possible you could make one one? I'd need it by November, hope that isn't much of a bother.
  8. Aaah. I was thinking it was Moon Phase. Not sure about it though, I haven't seen that one in a while.
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