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  1. I know haha. Crazy how it happened. Look up America's Got Talent on google! That should explain everything.
  2. Well... I don't get how this competition goes but still, its kind of funneh how the least guy to win ended up winning. lolz
  3. He got lucky. Very lucky. The other three were front runners meaning everyone thought one of them were going to win. Piers ruined Two Third of the front runners. Stupid man.
  4. Well congratulations on Michael Grimm then. That contest must be hard though, so many good people.
  5. Singer. Michael Grimm. Fighting Gravity came in 3rd. Search them up on google!
  6. Haha, whoo!!! But who won then?

    And no, I have been on since 3pm and haven't gotten logged off since.
  7. Opera Singer Girl. And yea! Are you at all?
  8. I'm sorry, but Jakie is...?

    Hey are you still getting logged off?
  9. Tis okay. Jackie lost too.
  10. He got 4th place? ;_________;

    Sigma feels sorry. *sad*
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