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Conversation Between Anime Forum and SigmaSD

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  1. Ya sad right? But bai, cya tomorrow dude.
  2. Oh oki oki.

    Sorry but Sigma has to go nao but I talk to you tomorrow oki?

    And no pms since Jan? @.@
  3. I'm avoiding Pms all together.. and a matter of a fact I don't think I've received one since Jan. 2010. Been a while man.
  4. Haha, I know. My friends and I are having trouble understanding our pms. @.@
  5. Seems like profile chatting has avoided the pirate slang! But thanks for telling me, I'll look the anime up and add it to my website which I think you joined a long time ago!
  6. Sigma's avatar is Yui-chan from Angel beats. She is cutesy and very funneh.
  7. He was cool! Btw your avatar, what anime character is it?
  8. hahaha, he must've been an awesome sort of guy. The only thing I find creepy is the judge looking wig. I don't know why but that ish weird.
  9. Yea, my avatar is showing his first costume. His second costume was a red version of it. Third was a sad clown. Fourth was something that reminded me of Lady Gaga. Fifth was the red white and blue. Sixth was the knight and the final results he was dressed in some costume I didn't reconignze.
  10. Okay I will. Btw, your avatar looks a bit less creepy. I would have loved to see princey in his warrior costume though.
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