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Conversation Between Anime Forum and SigmaSD

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  1. Happy Birthday dude :P have any starfishes I can have?
  2. Alright.. Not able to come on much but I try. I'm also studying for a test at the moment. Civics D<
  3. I'm doing fine I guess. how about you?
  4. Hi Sigma, how are you o:?
  5. I haven't seen them but I bet it wasn't as bad as you say. Tbh, I kinda wanna make mines like yours cause mine are too long. But Imma stick to how I write them for now cause Erics says they're good. And the reason I am doing that is to help Erics. And also cause I loves to write. =3 puhi puhi
  6. Yea! I use to reviews games long back and do killer long ones, but my Super Mario 64 one blew. I made it crap, came out horrible.
  7. Yesh yesh. Sigma has to do God of War II but I wanna replay it again before I make a final decision. 'cept my reviews are too long and people hardly ever read them.
  8. Yea I still need to do it. Banjo Tooie right?
  9. Oh. What about the review thing you has to do?
  10. Nothing much! Doing some things, like homework.
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