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  1. I know. There isn't a lot of interesting things to watch on TV, but once in a while you find something good. lol
  2. I can't believe I'm actually saying this BUT I'm actually interested. Darn you Sigma. Now I gotta look it up! D=
  3. Its a TV show where this one family owns a bakery and they get special orders to make cakes. Kinda like this Zombie cake
  4. Cake Boss? Never heard of it. Is it a movie or a tv show?
  5. Just watching cake boss on TV and I was working on another gif image.
  6. Distracting yourself with?And I'm fine. Thanks for asking Sigma.
  7. I'm doing all kinds of okay. Just distracting mah self. How about you?
  8. Hi Sigma. How are you 8]
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