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Conversation Between hotair baloon and aether

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  1. She has just finished her final exams and is planning to go to college in all honesty she seems to have everything under control
  2. it must be terrifying for her... :/ what is she going to do with school?
  3. She's only 16
  4. how old is she?
  5. Well she still lives with her parents so she isn't completely alone in raising her baby. But it will be tough for her
  6. i see...i cant even imagine how tough it is for her to find the strength she needs to raise a child alone...
  7. Likewise but what can we do?
    She has her moments when things get to her but we're only human at the end of the day and I support her the best I can. In a way she is like family to me
  8. :/ these people make me sick :/ :/ your friend sounds like a really strong,great must be proud of her...
  9. Its a boy however the father wants nothing to do with her or the baby which frustrates me as he won't face up to his responsibilities oh well
  10. thats great news!! is it a boy or a girl??
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