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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and Nesh

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  1. Nice 2 know
    Well if u say so ;]
  2. Nope, for a slacker/last minute master for me, it's too short. XD
    My teachers are still the best, hahaha. ;3
  3. That's 2 long!!
    Really..well that's cool....but my english teachers don't even ask me to do assignments!

    hahaha...that's funny ^^
  4. Uhh.. not reall.y A four-part assignment, you see.. >.<
    No, you WANT my teachers. You could hand in a major assignment a term late and they would both smile and say 'Don't worry about it.'

    My dog does that to everyone. C: He's so adorable ;3
  5. So you'll have time 2 relax a bit!
    Well I dun need teachers...I even help my course teacher 2 translate texts
    from english 2 my languige!...I'm really good at eng ;]

    Well when my dog was around....He usually jumped on me!!

    Same here
  6. I finished them all but the one due next week, so I'm fine. For the time being.
    Yeah.not really my business but... You can't have my English teachers. ;P

    Nah, he just went crazy and was crying at the same time. XD

    My brain just can't pick Maths up properly D: despite the fact I can do Science, I can't do Maths. I'm so abnormal XD
  7. That's really hard!! too bad |x
    That's not fair :[

    Uuuh...Didn't that burn his toung...Poor thing ;{

    me neither....I always wonder why is Math so diffrent from all the other subjects!!
    hahaha..I wish my would 2 ;]
    I don't belive I met that kind of person!
    yeah...he's always makin' gr8 movies ;]
  8. Don't worry, it's fine~
    Yeah.. 6 assignments spread over 3 weeks is not very nice. Especially when it's still Term 1. >.>
    Ahh, too late. The government's already paying them. ;P

    Really..? Well, there was the time he tried to take on the chilli plant.. and lost, and started crying. Don't think that's why he was crying though. XD

    I GOT A B C: *is never going to get over this*
    Same here.. except my brother paid me with cookies. XD
    Sure, who DOESN'T love him? ;D
    I like Jim Carey C: He's a funny guy XDDDD
  9. Sorry 4 the late late replay...Got a pc crsh and couldn't use it!!
    Aghh...Those assignments!!
    Gods??...So should I start parying 2 'em!?...LOL jk
    Deal then

    haha..the way u said it I thought it was enormous!!

    C is very good 2!!...I have C's at Math 2 u noe!! And nope I'm not, I'm really not so GR8 at it!!
    Noe how ya feel!!....I used 2 bribe my brother 2 do my Math 'work's 4 me, by drawing 4 him 4 his art classes
    ('coz I'm better at art!)
    Uuuu...I love him in Rush Hour...Well actally I love him in every movie that he made, 'coz he's my fave actor
    besides Jim Carey of all times!! I love funny actours!! ^^
    Sure no probs
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