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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and tesaamari

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  1. sure we can...
  2. You seem a lot like me! Hope we can get along well ^^
  3. i'm a girl, living here in philippines...i love sketching, reading, writing and watching anime.i'm a first year college student right now, haha
  4. Thanks, you too! ^^
    Sure, for starters I'm female, live in Australia and am of Asian ethnicity, like drawing and music, and I'm currently in 8th grade high school. C:
    Now, your turn! ;P
    Sure! You can use Kana, Shimi, Kanashimi, Kasou, Kyoku.. any variation of my username as you like, as long as you don't put the letters into an order even I can't recognize. :L
  5. nice being a friend of yours !
    hope to know more about you, KanashimiKasouKyoku

    ah, your screen name is a bit long...
    is it okay if i'll just call you Kyoku?
  6. Thanks for the friend add. :3
    Nice to meet you ^^
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