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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and Xanfiore

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  1. =o!!
  2. Ahaha, it would be. Except he tends to snap at your fingers eventually. XD
  3. Lol, xD
    It'll be fun to poke your dog many times~
  4. Nah, a little white spaz-ball. XD
  5. Oh? Is it a big one? p.p
  6. Sounds cute ^^ I actually have a dog for a pet, he's so adorable :3
    I'm not sure what breed he is, but he looks kinda like a maltese of sorts. :/
  7. I think it's persian plus belgium
    can't remember, got thick fur and dark/light brownish o.o
  8. My mum took over the cooking of the dumplings. XD
    Ah, you have a cat? How cute :3 what breed is it?
  9. Lawl, It's been a while since I ate dumplings
    the last dumplings I ate was last month and it drop from my head because my cat snuck up on me -__-
  10. Not a problem~

    Same, except I just finished dinner.
    I just tried to make some soup dumplings about ten minutes ago.. they exploded cause I forgot about them. XD
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