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Conversation Between MirrorToTheMoon and Uta-chan~

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  1. ..Ah.
    I want to meet one of your penguin friends too. :3
  2. I am the noisiest one of them all (hence my music) and the only human there so I stick out like a sore thumb hahaha XD
  3. You sure are well known around your neighbourhood.
  4. Wahh~~ it's okay! There's ways around that! If I slip on the ice, my penguin friends will catch me (they follow me everywhere:3), the animals wouldn't dare think of eating me (more like the other way around XDD), and when the ice is thin and I fall, that's when I take my bath :3
  5. Because, because! The ice is dangerous if you slip on it, and there are animals which could eat you, and the ice could give way if you walk on it and it's too thin, and, and.. *goes on and on*
  6. Hahahah why? What's wrong with living in Antarctica? XDDD
  7. /relief
    You scared me for a moment there.
  8. Of course it was hahaha but no one needs to know that ;P
  9. ...Please tell me that was sarcasm. I have an ..inability to sense sarcasm through my computer screen..
  10. heheh :P
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