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Conversation Between Tycke and Wio

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  1. Oof, I've seen PewDiePie play that, and it looks like a hot mess. I like to think I'm a pretty disciplined and IRL things make sense and I can deal with them while games (especially in VR which affects my senses) can throw anything my way. Natural logic is out the widow when playing games. IRL is like a 20 sided dice - while slim you can have an idea of the outcome up to 1/20 of the time. But games, especially games that affect the senses, are a 1/100 or 1/infinity chance of the outcome and much harder to guess. I think the sheer amount of possibilities really throws my brain for a loop and wants to make it die. That said, I think I can become used to the games if I get the experience with them. It's just weird to think about.
  2. It's called Beat Saber, and it's just another one of those rhythm games. I actually did throw up when I first tried VR. It's a little funny because I hadn't eaten anything for a few days so I didn't have much to throw up. I think if not for the initial bad experiences I would probably be more enthusiastic about VR. I only had problems the first week though. Another issue is lack of space, so I have to be very conscious about where I am so I don't hit anything. Why do you expect to get nauseous?
  3. I get a 3 day weekend, too! What game on VR are you playing? I've never tried any VR game... I think I would get nauseous really easily.
  4. I'm happy about the 3 day weekend coming up, since I have Monday off. I've been helping my friend with some coding stuff. I want to get my VR setup this weekend, because my friend got me a game for it and I still haven't gotten around to playing it.
  5. It has! A little too much since I'm also still working, honestly. How's life?
  6. Hi. Has your job search been going well?
  7. Whoa, you're on! Hello!
  8. I was interviewed. My workplace is shutting down next week so I've gotta find a new job. :[ Such is life.
  9. I appreciate our conversations as well. Did you interview someone else or did you get interviewed?
  10. I had a great interview today so I would say my spirits are rather high. But also I appreciate the conversations we've had and wanted to give you some gifts that I thought you'd like.
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