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Conversation Between ZombieWolf2508 and Digimon_Sommelier_

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZombieWolf2508!! You're so cool!!
  2. Merci
  3. Happy Birthday, ZombieWolf!
  4. Cool!
  5. Nope. Don't know a thing about running one really, though I had a few dumb forums years ago.
  6. Well, my Digimon site Megitz and my personal site Som’s Hideaway. Do you have any websites?
  7. Same to you.

    And nice, I've been meaning to get back into writing for ages but never find the time to. What sort of sites do you run?
  8. I've been writing books, poetry, and running two sites. So not too busy!! lol

    Happy Holidays, BTW.
  9. I've been bored and overwhelmed with anime and video games. You?
  10. How's it going?
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