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Conversation Between Kaitou+ and Wio

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  1. I'm just relaxing as well.

    I have been learning a bit about digital audio lately and looking into how to output digital audio in Rust.
  2. Hey man. It's good to see old faces still wandering around.

    Not much going on. Just relaxing. How are you?
  3. What's up?
  4. Ah, I get what you mean...I just got off work so Im all blah.

    It's しんいち so SHIN ICHI.
  5. Well there is しんいち SHIN'ICHI and しにち SHINICHI
  6. Shinichi. It's the first name of a character.

    EDIT: Oh, you meant the pronunciation? Lawl, SHI NICHI.
  7. Is it supposed to be Shin ichi or Shi nichi?
  8. I just noticed you had a Gokudera avatar....Nice.
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