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Conversation Between RyuTama and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. Und has been accepted! =D
  2. A Skype request hast been sent!
  3. There are a LOT of plot theories

    And awesome, I'll get ya added
  4. I guess seeing how it doesn't really seem to have a progressing plot, that's only to be expected. I'm sure I'll still enjoy the two seasons though. xP The first couple of episodes were crazy; I just got home and I'm planning on watching a few more before going to bed. xD

    Doood, I was just about to VM you the same thing about Skype. O.o 'Tis on mah profile~.
  5. The last recording session for Dandy was today T-T So I guess it's topping out at two seasons.

    Anyway, do you has the Skype?
  6. Really? o.o I've watched the first 3 episodes so far, and the .gif I was talking about was from S1E2 when they were looking for the Phantom Ramen. 'Twas this one.

    Can't wait to see that AoT reference though. xD This anime is crazier than I thought, it's gonna be awesome LOL
  7. Haha, that's from S2E1 xD Same episode with the AoT reference.
  8. I think the first time it caught my attention was when I saw a .gif referencing one of Michael Jackson's dance videos. I was all "an anime referencing MJ? What is this awesomeness? O.O". Jeez though, hearing more about it really makes me wanna plan an all-nighter marathon for it. xD
  9. It's a pretty cool show. And it's FILLED with references and parodies, including AoT xD
  10. Oh wow I didn't know the animation changed like that. And I knew the music was pretty retro so that's always cool. Only season two? For some reason I thought it was farther along. I guess it'll just be easier to catch up then~. The changing artstyle sounds badass though, so now I'm definitely gonna have to check it out.
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