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Conversation Between animeyay and Rei

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  1. Quick ani, the queue! :P
  2. Oops, Seijou Kyoukai is composed by Katakiri Rekka and arranged by HIR. ^^;;
  3. Hatsuki Yura sounds fine to me :3
  4. Ani, where does this go? :3
  5. Ugh I'm sorry, I messed up my submission for the Toriko section. There's no 's' in the Fruit. ^^;; She sure pronounces it that way though :P
  6. lol noted
  7. Oops, 'En' is in fact 'Sono'...
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought...she's nicely straddling the line between mainstream anime songs and doujin. I also thought that she might have a section of her own since Maeda Jun's really only writing the lyrics and composing...I think.
  9. she's a tricky one, and that album is really a collaboration between her and Maeda Jun... I'll do some research when I get back today
  10. Oh hey, I was just filling the requests for the Yanagi Nagi songs, and I was wondering if she could have a section of her own under J-pop?
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