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Conversation Between Interest1ng and Astral_Mage

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  1. A headband wearing fool
  2. "Who's THERE"
  3. *knock knock*
  4. I am working through some things at the moment.
  5. Yo, I saw your mood it says you're in pain, are you okay there?
  6. Be sure to update me then
    Also, it's not a that big of a transition since it's not my first time to visit the country
  7. Not entirely sure yet. And we have been having complications. Oh wow the phillipines. That is a BIG transition.
  8. Well, I had some changes in my plans so I'm still staying at the Philippines, I'll be visiting the middle east next month though.
    How about you man? How's life? Also congratulations on your new baby, is it a boy or a girl?
  9. lol How is Egypt treating you?
  10. Aw! You almost got my eyes this time, I'm not online often so don't expect quick replies, but hey, what's up?
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