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Conversation Between bluepenguin and Kaitou+

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  1. No, I understood that. You're fine

    I don't hang around much. I don't think most of us most hang around too much but considering that out of all the AnimeGlobe sites, people still use AnimeLyrics frequently, I figure that's why you're still fairly active. That's good though.
  2. Well, you might've had multiple tabs open and typed in the wrong one, or something? I was just a bit confused because I've *always* been here "strictly for AL stuff." I'm sorry if I sounded too brusque/dismissive, though! I didn't mean it like "wtf, stop talking to me" or anything, I just wanted to make sure your message hadn't gone astray.

    That being sorted out, hi! It's always nice to see that I'm not the only one of the old guard hanging around.
  3. It's your profile, so you of course.

    And yeah, that makes sense.
  4. Sorry, was this message aimed at me or was it a misfire? As the only active admin of, I've been around pretty consistently, and I was never active elsewhere on the forums.
  5. Ha, good to still see you around. I assume it's strictly for AL stuff though?
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