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Conversation Between SuXrys and Disconnected Outsider

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  1. Sometimes I do that too, study up for something only to find a curve ball headed my way. >< So frustrating. But the test should come back okay, I've got faith in ya. ^^ Here's the hoping you make it ^^

    I can't remember if I asked this or not though, but do you play games?
  2. I have no idea yet how it went. I feel like there is a 50 procent chans that I made it. I was sure on half of the questions and took a chance on the other half. What kind of pisses me off while thinking about it is that this tests questions wasn't even near the previous tests or the study-questions. What's up with that? I thought I was well prepared but nooooo, I guess I wasn't as much as I thought.... Oh well. Hopefully I made it anyway.
  3. I've got some trouble 'retaining information' as Mom and my sister used to point out. Not as an insult or anything, just a light observation. So, you're not alone if you find it hard to do it too. ^^

    But I hope the test turns out okay. ^^ Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been really grinding my Naruto games lately. lol Plus my medications are kind of unavailable for a while until we can get me to a new doctor, so I'm kind of really acting weird and doing odd things. XD I'm still happy like I always am though, that never seems to change. lol Some wonder why I'm always so freakin happy all the time. All I can say is I'm just a happy person! ^^ Kind of getting off-topic there. ^^'' But speaking of the test, what was it about?
  4. I have a test on friday (that I really should have been studies/prepared for a lot more then I have....). So I will try to do some serious last minute panic-mode studying tomorrow (and probably the whole night before the test). I never seem to learn, sadly.
  5. Nah, I don't blame ya. I've got problems keeping up sometimes too.

    So what's been up lately? ^^
  6. It's okay. It's just me who is a utterly garbage when it comes to remembering peoples namechanges in here. I never learn. -le sigh- But atleast your name is still "not straight but leaning to the side" (don't know how to spell the right word in english, leaning? mheh) so I think atleast this one will be a little bit easier for me. nom nom nom
  7. Yeah, this is still Phantom Wolf. Or I should say Mat. Sorry, forgot to let people know. ^^''
  8. I havn't been here for a while but... you have changed your name, havn't you?
  9. Nuuuu!! >< It might not though, I don't think I'm doing it right. lol
  10. I died! (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Hope it goes better for you. ^^
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