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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. Ahhhh but that's the thing my stop motion work will more than likely consist of just my fair self doing all the work with limited technology usage since I only have my computer that can do put these things together.
    Hence why my let's play videos never took off from the idea's phase since I never had the technical expertise or facilities to make such things.
  2. Okay, okay... I know I know that you don't seem to like Barbie that much but still I am sharing this with you It's videos where some guys (and girls, but mostly guys) have made stop-motion videos with Barbie dolls. They have made those barbies the biggest b-word ever and they curse a lot. It's actually funny, I have watched all the episodes now. Started yesterday. The first episode is so so... but then I just got hooked on it. It's not mature humor, just so you know, but if you don't mind you could give it a go. Atleast I found it funny... I havn't seen Barbies being portrayed like that before. ... That's for sure.
  3. LOL hahaha
  4. Pretty much so
  5. I think we know what he would do if he enrolled to Hogwarts xD

    That is hilarious
  7. Ahhh fair enough then, yeah here its just abbreviated to that
  8. Ah okay. We have the same thing here. I just didn't understand what you meant with CRB.
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