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Conversation Between Rei and Hikarin

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  1. *nudge*
    I sent you a message on Steam, but you haven't been back on to see it yet.
    Your PM box on AnimeForum is full, so I can't send you a PM. DX
  2. Heh well I was debating between putting it in kata or hira, but kata won out because it looked better. :3
    I was thinking something along the lines of Azu-Ani, in Japanese, of course. But those look good as well ^^ more options, then.
    Eh well, he did vm Akkun telling him 'I didn't know you and Hikarin had an illegitimate child! But it's to be expected' or something along those lines. :3

    Hmm wasn't thinking so much of song titles as lyrics, but well, whatever they need...I already filled out the contact form and sent it though ^^;; so I'll see how it goes, I guess...

    Yup; don't handle everything by yourself! >D For that, you deserve a...muffin? (I wanted to draw one, but my skills fail on paint)
  3. Ehe, I see! xD It is interesting the way you chose it too, cause back when I used to go by just "Hikari", I wrote it in katakana.
    Oh~ so would it be Azureyay or Anime-Dark? =D
    LOL, CHILD?! I was thinking more along the lines of robot or android! >///< Well ani should have thought of that before mentioning it! xD

    Who wrote my sub-title as "~The Light~"? x3 Names can be so misleading! =0 Just kidding! ^^ Well, I mentioned helping out in a comment and Zaku said "contact Rina (the lyric admin) in the contact form" and so we've been talking and stuff. ;p If you're still intent on that (I guess you mean transliterating the song titles?) contact Zaku with that. He did say it's not a priority at the moment though.

    Thank you. ^^ It's getting easier, everything just seems to catch up to me at once every now and again and I can't handle it on my own. ;p
    Ah, and as I belated response to your previous vm....: It's going fine. I'm just practicing my vocals until I get my new mic next month.
  4. Lol I just thought that it would be awesome to combine Aku and your names xD It just randomly occurred to me. Next I'll be *whispers* doing something with Azure and animeyay's usernames (w) I never thought of it as your and Akkun's evil child (lol); it's animeyay's idea. I'm 18, so I suggested to animeyay that you gave birth to me when you were one, and he gave me the 'DO NOT WANT' face, as you can see. xD I just happened to see your name there. ^^; I thought of joining the site as a transliterator, you see. I'm not quite sure how to go about it, so I'm not surprised if I get rejected. ^^;;

    I hope you're doing okay, after all that's happened. God knows I suck at empathizing with people, so I'll settle for praying for you.
  5. He~ you changed your name again! x3 What's the motivation behind this one?
    Lol, it's like the product of what an evil creation between Akkun and I would be! xD Just kidding, just kidding!^^
  6. ねぇひかりん、歌って見たの事はどう~?最近元気ですか?:3
  7. Lol, sorry, that was a bad joke based on the kanji you chose! xD I get a bit like that when I'm tired. By "detached" I meant something more like "far from your body". ;p
    I don't think I'll be changing mine anymore.
    Hmmm? Where are you going? Want me to find some good songs for you to do once you get back? ^^
  8. Detached? I guess so...a little, since it's term test week. >< As for the name change, I suddenly remembered the function was there and decided to use it, lol. I forgot that I didn't have to pay points/gil to change my username. :3 But Orz...I'll be away from AF and AL for a week; going on a trip with my family ><;;
  9. What made Richan want to change her name I wonder? ^^ Has she been feeling a little.... errr.... detached? xD
  10. *coughs* I think that you'll find a few of them are on PSP. ^^ And I heard the new PSP will use a new game cartridge, so I'm stocking up on games and have been playing Breath of Fire III all week! It came and went so quick....
    I'd never really heard the long version; only what they sung is the movie and it sounded so melancholy. Moon Child is good, but incredably sad. I cried in five in it.
    I think the movie goes for about 2 hours. You could always.... errr.... "borrow" it off the internet somewhere. ^^ Yes! Two great artists performing together! xD But I have always been a L'Arc~en~Ciel fan. =3
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