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Conversation Between DOOM! and xASUNAx

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  1. Are you stationed anywhere near the ocean?
    "I've never seen the ocean,
    not like this one"
  2. Lol, i’m buying furniture as i go. It’s not really idea, but!
  3. Now that you mounted the PC, jump on in the fun!

    Ps: you might wanna move furniture around next year if the current setting doesn't please you.
  4. All moved and settled ^^
  5. Thanks, it has. So, you moved out? Been through all the stresses of changing adress and now settled well?
  6. I hope everything gets better for you soon. I’m in the process of moving.
  7. Physically well but economically challenged by the system. Got too many fines to pay that I'm no longer willing to put up with. I guess I won't be seeing my car anytime soon now...
  8. I’ll keep that in mind, lol. How are you doing?
  9. Yeah, well, it's been awhile, and my mood has shifted to 'just not in the mood' for all the dastardly things of onceupon.
    You need to startup some hot-shizz-topic on the misc forum if you want me to flame there, these days.
  10. Sorry it’s just a cute emoticon. I use them a lot and you don’t seem grumpy!
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