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Conversation Between Astral_Mage and thelegend117

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  1. I swore there was something at my door but there's nothing
  2. A swift ninja. *poof* (gone).
  3. Aha yea I guess XD
    So who's at my door?
  4. Good to know, so we're almost the same :3
    And no, not a raven but close enough :3
  5. Yea I'm still here...I check from time to time.
    Is it a raven that's knocking on my door?
  6. Nah, its all good, I was just checking if you're still hanging around & I am glad that you are :3

    I think you know who is knocking :3
  7. And to your question....
    Who's there?
  8. How are you....sorry for a late response....just seen your message on my wall.
  9. *knock knock*
  10. That's good, and you and I both...I come on real quick though the af app on my phone to check notifications, but I'm rarely on to chat much. Life keeps me busy most the time.Aha
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