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Conversation Between Hikarin and animeyay

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  1. *gasp! Hikarinが復活したァァァァァァー!
    yay!! glad to see that you didn't just disappear away XD

    HikarinとAku no Hikariのお子ちゃまである悪のヒカリンのおっしゃったとおり、
  2. I'm working on finalising that and the Mahoromatic song when I wake up. =3
    I thought it would be a good idea to recruit a friend to help me with my website, so that helps quit a bit! xD
  3. ehe, not trying to rush you, but just checking: do you plan to submit your translation to Soleil at some point? ^^; my translation's been sitting on my desktop for like a month now XD
  4. (cont.)
    Un, the doctor said she will need to keep the bandages on for a minimum of 2 months. It's mainly her chest that was affected since it all went down her shirt.... I know, I know, sorry! >< I know I should take better care, but I try to do things like everyone else which I can't handle seeing as I'm juggling several other things at the same time. I don't take that in to account ever though. But if you ever see me struggling again, please tell me as harsh as you want to back off: I'll appreciate that! ^///^
  5. Hey! You should be proud of your work! xD And to be able to keep it up so well and submit several translations each week is amazing. I wish I could do that. =_=
    But of course I know everyone experiences translating difficulties at one time or another.
    Lol! xD Thanks for saying that. ^^ Given time to think clearly, I think I'll try to make things easier by only accepting translation requests to songs I actually know. I like accepting requests to ones I don't know though since I find about about more great artists that way. And I think once I finish off a few of the series that I wanted to, I'll try to stick mainly to doujin music. I will be the doujin music Queen! >=)
  6. believe me, there's always something I don't like about my translation. some people, like you and Azure-san, keep saying my translations are good (compliments which I appreciate very much), but that's definitely not how I view my translations lol. I've still got a lot to improve on, too. so yea, you're not the only one who'd get frustrated at times translating =)

    and noooooooooooo don't quit AF D: you can take as long a break as you need, but don't quit. we will all miss you what I want to say, but hey, if there ever comes the need for you to quit for other priorities, then at least keep in touch! =O I will haunt you as a ghost if you decide to just disappear!

    sorry to hear about what happened to your cousin. =( I wish she recovers quickly! and you, Hikarin, need to take care of yourself, too! don't you dare neglect your own health! >=O
  7. (cont.)
    Thanks again. ^^ I was actually considering quitting AL for a few months. If everything goes to plan, I should get my payment tomorrow or the day after, then I can get more internet. It's a mobile one which sucks, but it's better than nothing. ;p
    And in reply to your other VMs, that's an interesting was to come up with a username! x3 I see you have you own bit of fangirl-ness! =D (JK)
    Ehe, well, that was the plan! xD Sorry for not making it clear enough. ;p That's why it says in the description "I'll work on some material soon", meaning I'll work on study stuff. ^^
  8. Hehe, thanks for saying that. ^^; I seem to forget that sometimes.... and then I get in a mood where I'm like "My translations suck! >< I don't know Japanese at all! ;_;" because I'm comparing myself to other people like you and Azu-niichan. That's when I forget that I'm acting silly and that I am doing the best with what I know. Come to think about it though, you are Azu-niichan ARE older than me and have probably been at this longer, so who knows how good I'll be at your age. ^^ I think I just let all the stress get to me. Not good, cause that's the thing that makes me sick! xD Main stress starter for me though was that my little cousin got 2nd degree burns on her face, neck and chest after spilling porridge she was getting out of the microwave over her. Plus my birthday's coming up next month. =_=
  9. hey Hikarin! =D you ARE doing everything free of charge, so no one can ask/demand any more of you. and awww I really hope you feel better soon! =( take plenty of rest in bed, and start working only when you feel absolutely rejuvenated and recovered, 'kay?!

    with that said, I'm sure everyone can wait! of course, if you're having connection problems, then I guess either fb or email works for me. just let me know what you wanna do. again, take your time, because no one is rushing you =)
  10. Sorry for taking long with my lyrics. I'm currently out of internet and I have been sick for a few days with tonsillitis (I can never spell it right! ><) plus some stressful family issues. If you're up to it, I can still receive facebook connection. I can send you some translations to submit for me through that so that I'm not any later if you are okay with it? If so, my ID is /fuyunohanabira. Otherwise, I can hopefully post some tomorrow. I will have internet fully again by the end of the week.
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