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Conversation Between Hikarin and SuXrys

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  1. Never online anymore? D': *sobs*
  2. nom nom nom nom <3
  3. How are you doing?
  4. damn! well... atleast I tried :x Well yeah he does, now that you are saying it No I didn't. I don't think that showed anymore then the actual cermony and when they tured around town with the horses for us. Why did he fell? Is it a clip of that on the internet? What do I have to search after on youtube to find it? Don't know who you are talking about so I don't know what name to look after...
  5. Close. =3 It's "monarchies".
    Ehe, well he certainly is better looking than the English princes who are already balding in my opinion! xD
    Awww, that's cute. ^^ He has such a huge smile though, doesn't he? ;p
    Lol, yeah, but after the English royal wedding was over, did you see one of the ministers doing a cartwheel along the red carpet?! x3
  6. Still do. We are one of the very few monarcyes (not sure how this word is spelled) left. Our prince is apperently the most handome of all the princes in the world, and our crownprincess is the only female heir to a throne at a moment. So when the english queen dies and our girl takes over - she will be the only "sovereign" queen.Our crownprincess got married last year and Daniel (the man she got married to) had ordered a song for her that was played during the wedding - it's one of the most romantic songs I know! What do you think about it? Daniel cries alot in the clip, I think that was very cute of him to do so. Much better then the english royal wedding, that one was so stiff and cold! uuuoooch! >_<
  7. Hmmm.... maybe a little. I never liked essays. Want to mark one of my old ones? xD
    Oh~ you have/had Queens in Sweden? =3
  8. I didn't write about "talking language" but it was that in some places in my essay, I was writing "wrong" in a way you are not supposed to be writing in in essays in some parts. Do you understand? I was writing about one of our old queens. I was doing both, both marking them and helping them. Like "this and this isn't good - do this instead". Took maybe 40min to go threw every essay if I remember it right.
  9. Something like that! xD
    Heh? Were you marking peoples' essays or helping them with them? @[email protected]
    "Talking language"? And here I was thinking that you were the kind of person to turn up an essay on Jiraiya! x3
  10. What is it that they say? .. a picture says more then 1000 words. Doing today? I had a seminar today so it took a couple of hours down at the university. It was really strenuous since the air was so heavy and the girl whos work I had checked looked so down when I was talking about her essay with her and infront of the rest of the group. :S But it nothing that I could help so much, since a a part of the seminar is that we are checking eachothers essays and talking about them. Mine essay was quite ok, was some "talking language" here and there in it and some parts that I need to change and correct. But I'll do that tomorrow, are planning about going to bed soon - are just going to watch Naruto Shippuuden for a little bit. Are beginning to become a sucker for Tenzou!
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