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Conversation Between Hikarin and Digimon__Sommelier

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  1. Wonderful! + you're welcome.
  2. Thanks. ^_^
    Aha... I wouldn't mind being a minority in this aspect, though.
    Still, it's not like I'm getting nowhere. With any luck, I should release a short story within the next two years.
  3. Adulting is indeed difficult at times. Best of luck to you, @Hikarin, and don't worry; many people haven't made progress with their dreams, so you're actually in the majority!!
  4. Same. Adulting is hard. =_=
    There are so many things I'm trying to do at once, and it seems like I'm not making progress in any of them.
  5. ~ Busy busy ~
  6. Hey~ How's it going? ^_^
  7. Hi.
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