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Conversation Between EJTranslations and Suzuna18

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  1. Thanks! I've made the correction now. In the future, you can post things like this to the Lyrics Corrections forum (, which is linked to at the bottom of every lyrics page.
  2. Hey, so I was looking at some lyrics to use them for myself and realized something. In the lyrics of Bokura no War Game! there has to be something corrected. I already tried to reach the person who transliterated the lyrics, but the e-mail is not active anymore as my e-mail account tells me the address cannot be found. So I want to ask who else could correct the lyrics.
    In case you can do it I will tell you what the mistake is.
    It's also just a small mistake in the third phrase the hitotsu should be replaced with himitsu, I checked other sites and the Kanji to be sure that I'm hearing right when listening to the song.
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