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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. Lol xD what do all the numbers at the back of it mean?
  2. maybe we all should like merge into one and become like Azu no HikarinYAYZORZ!`231`3i23f]p3r]4btc nyj
  3. Didn't she listen to the song-- lol anyway, thanks. No, I can't say I mind very much, I was just wondering why the number of rejected songs went up.
  4. In addition, she wrote down furitomanai for 降り止まない, it was her only mistake but it was fatal.

    Not saying if she didn't make that mistake I'd delete yours instead... yours is easier to the eye.

    You don't really mind that rejected lyrics number do you? No one else can look at it you know.
  5. Oh, sorry... ^^; it must've been animeyay, then...
  6. It wasn't me, I didn't put it up.
  7. Wait, has Resuscitated Hope even been released? The last I checked it was on the 27th. Like this.
  8. ...? The only MacrossF lyrics I have on my blog are Houkago Overflow, and it's written as Nakajima Megumi there.///

    EDIT: I see...the tag, lol
  9. Well, your blog is full of it..
  10. Ah sorry... >< That must've been before I found out it was Megumi. Which song was it? Yeah, I'm chinese so I automatically think of it as 'Ai', since it's pronounced the same both ways.
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