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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. I can do that~ At least two of them will be in korean, though, so I'll get Hikarin to check over my translits before I submit them.
  2. Since DJ Max is a handful, I'mma judge that if you have enough lyrics then you can start posting. Enough as in around 6-7
  3. -Checking back-
  4. Oh, eeep DJ Max... do they even go to either Game or Dancemania...

    Check back at the weekend while I think it over.
  5. Hey Azu, I was thinking if I wanted to submit for a game like DJ Max, with many versions and different songs each time, should I submit it under one big section with different game versions as albums (e.g. Clazziquai as an album) or different versions as different sections?
  6. I'm afraid I've screwed up the tracklisting for a SID album (dead stock) again. ^^;; dog run is really track 7...
  7. Just a guess. :3 Who doesn't love it, it's awesome fun, and the set designs are so whimsical. (:
  8. Oh wow thanks how'd you know I love LBP?
  9. Okay, thanks!

    I dunno, I guess it would be considered...j-pop? And since they are officially released and everything...
  10. if he's still using vocaloid in his music it'll still be under osrec.

    Ugh, those kind of theme songs... I dunno how to classify them.
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