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Conversation Between Ωmega and Vintniv

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  1. Well this place is basically dead, what instant messenger are you using?
  2. Yeah, I was thinking I should pop up on here more =]
  3. You should come back, I have so much to tell you since you've been gone. Would be nice to catch up.
  4. ty! sorry Ive been so MIA, work has been keeping me busy @[email protected]
  5. happy birthday
  6. still gone forever?
    New Skype/Teamspeak. Its pretty good.
  8. Discord?? Cant say Ive ever heard of it
  9. Yeah, but that doesnt mean we cant talk. Have you tried Discord? I'm on there now.
  10. No, just not terribly active on here anymore. Sites kinda dead
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