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Conversation Between AzureDark and Hikarin

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  1. Heya, Azu-nii. I was trying to remember what coding style we use when submitting lyrics to
    a) automatically implement colour coding (in cases where there are multiple singers)
    b) bypass special characters from going weird
    Can you remind me?
  2. Happy Birthday~
  3. Lol.... um.... was that second sentence supposed to be taken seriously? 'Cause I just laughed! xD
    Well, that isn't the only test that there's going to be a choice of. Honestly, I don't think it's that hard. =x The sentences are pretty simple and a lot of the content is repeated, so as long as they can use different wordings with the nasu thing, it's all a breeze.
    Remember too that I don't believe in making things too easy because lyrics themselves aren't. You don't want to give someone something simple and then have them not be able to handle it come the real thing.
    Tell you what.... with lyrics, people DO have the song to listen to as a basis if they want it. I could always put this video with it which narrates the first half of the test? It would make it that little easier I suppose.
  4. Sorry but why is the mock lyric test a narrative? And it's too tricky a choice there, only people with artistic souls on top of the Japanese knowledge like us would get the triple 'nasu' in there... look at all the eggplants ><
  5. *pokes with long stick*
    Do more fripSide or ave;new or some other artist nao~! >=0 Ehehe.... "nao".... get it? xD
    If you don't want to do the t/l, at least submit the translit. Then if I translate it, you can always exchange my translation with your own! ^^
  6. Hey, can you add a message in the footnotes of this song for me? I just want it to say
    "This song was used in the film "Moon Child" which starred both Gackt (as Shou) and HYDE (as Kei). Kei first heard it from his comrade, Luka, then sung it with the adult Shou by the beach at the film's end."

    Also, if you want to write any material up in the new group once I've finished some (I'd like explanations from different translators), you're more than welcome to. ^^
  7. Yeah, I know, I was naughty. ;p I usually do, but it seems like it just wanted to taunt me for that one time I did that! ><
    While I have your attention, are we allowed to submit drama tracks to CDs? I know they're not lyrics, but....
    Also, can we have a thread put in one of the sections for people to submit English songs done by Japanese artists like Akeboshi for example? I mean, we can't really submit them ourselves, cause we technically didn't transliterate anything. =x
  8. Well, if anything, because your net is unstable you should save your work on a textfile first. There are online storage places and saved drafts as alternatives too.
  9. Ah, crap. =_= That was an unsaved revised version too. I hate this new "upgraded" internet. <.< I went to send a long email yesterday only to be logged out.
    *sigh* I'll have to submit it again on Monday now....
  10. Your submission for misery was cut off midway so I couldn't put it up...
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