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Conversation Between AzureDark and Rei

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  1. Hey Azu, I want to submit a new song for Jin (Jizen no Muteki-P), and I see that he has a new major album, Kakushime City Days. Should it still go under otherside recording? I've heard stuff about this being his official first album or something lol

    Also, as unlikely as it is; we couldn't form a section for animelo theme songs, could we?
  2. Nope, only for disc 1.
  3. What, for Disc 2 too? Only if there are changes in the lyrics from the original.
  4. Thanks. :3 Is it all right if I do all the songs?
  5. Looks like only Disc 2 is from past albums (technically). We'll only put up songs from Disc 1.
  6. Hey Azu, can this be considered an original album release and not just a compilation album?
  7. So even DarkMirage makes mistakes sometimes, lol. Here, 服従=fukujuu
  8. Lol I saw it >< I guess we'll change it to Kusojijii, then? xD I don't follow vocaloid producers that extensively, so I wouldn't have known... Oh and also there's been a double accept here, I think.
  9. Apparently CON(-jijii) wasn't pleased at how you wrote his name xD
  10. It's all right, but thanks all the same. Trolling was just for fun, though it may be release now that you mention it, I'm in the middle of term tests, so... thanks for asking <3
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